Abbey Caves Reserve

Abbey Caves Limestone Reserve

Abbey Caves Reserve is located just outside of Whangarei in Northland New Zealand, the reserve is a stunning limestone landscape with sculptured limestone rocks, sinkholes and rocky outcrops.

The main attraction on the reserve is the Abbey Caves, originally named from the Clotworthy family that lived here in 1860 there house resembled an Irish Abbey leading to the naming of the limestone caves, the house burnt down in 1920 and the chimney still remains today.

The Abbey Caves system is made up of three separate caves, the Organ Cave, the Middle Cave and the Ivy cave all three caves are accessible for exploring you will need a torch as once in the caves it is pitch black.

As the cave system is through weathered limestone there is always water running through all three caves, it is advisable not to enter the caves during heavy rain or a few days post heavy rain as the area collects a huge amount of run off.

The Abbey Caves Reserve also feature a stunning loop walk through the Native bush that surrounds the cave system and through the beautiful limestone landscape of weathered rocks sinkholes and bluffs.

The Abbey caves are accessible for most people but care needs to be taken walking on the slippery limestone rocks that are scatted all round the entrances of the three caves, and you need to carry a torch with you.

The loop walk around the reserve is mainly on grass and clay in adverse conditions the loop walk will be slippery but is suitable for all the family and is rated as very easy, there are only small elevation changes except for the walk down from the car park and back up to the car park, the loop walk would take around 45 minutes with out exploring the caves. 

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