Coronation Scenic Reserve Northland

Coronation Scenic Reserve Whangarei

The Coronation Scenic Reserve is part of the much larger Pukenui Western Hills Forest which is located in the Northland city of Whangarei, the Pukenui Forest covers some 1700 hectares and is a popular destination for day walkers and seasoned hikers.

There are two fantastic walking tracks within the Coronation Scenic Reserve, the main walking track is the Frank Holman Memorial Track which starts from the end of Kauika Road West at the base of the Pukenui Forest. 

Frank Holman Memorial Track

From the stream crossing the Frank Holman Memorial Track is a loop walk and one way is much more easy going than the other, to the left follows the small stream before heading up the hillside this section of the track to the summit is well maintained with a gravel surface with a mix of native and other plant species.  

Taking the loop walk to the right the track climbs very steeply from the base of the hill and is a clay surface covered with tree roots this way would be very slippery in adverse conditions and is also more demanding as the track is very steep all the way to the summit.

Kauika Road Track To Lookout

Kauika road track to look out this section of track is accessible from the Frank Holman Memorial Track by taking the more difficult route to the right hand side and up the steep incline, at the summit there is a diversion off the main track to the right this walk is around three hundred meters to the look out point over Whangarei City.

From the top of the Frank Holman Memorial Track you can return to the carpark one of two ways depending on which side of the loop walk you started on, or carry on down the other side of the summit to the Whangarei Quarry Gardens down many flights of steeps to the valley below, the gardens are accessible from the main road so if you parked at Kauika Road you would need to return back up the summit track.

The Coronation Scenic Reserve is a great escape from the busy city life, the reserve is within walking distance from the city centre, and the loop walk takes around two hours and is suitable for all the family to enjoy, you will see some fantastic native trees and there is also an historic Moari Pa site around half way up the Frank Holman Memorial Track a great place so close to the city.

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