Marsden Cross Track, Rangihoua Heritage Park

Rangihoua Heritage Park

Looking for a relaxing day out with fresh sea breezes, fantastic ocean views and a walk through New Zealand history, then the Rangihoua Heritage Park and Marsden Cross Track located 145 kms north of Whangarei in the Northland region is for you.

There is alot of New Zealand history attached to the Rangihoua Heritage Park, the park is home to the Marsden Cross Memorial which was erected here in 1907, to celebrate New Zealand's very first Christmas day which occurred in 1814.

The Christmas day service was held by Samuel Marsden a well known christian missionary in Northland and marked the very first settlement of Europeans in New Zealand the Marsden Cross is still standing today.

Rangihoua Pa

There are two fantastic walks located within the Rangihoua Heritage Park from the trail head at the car park on Oihi Road the track splits one heads down the hillside to the Marsden Cross and the other takes you out to the Rangihoua Pa site.

The Rangihoua Pa is a fantastic short walk over open grass land with fantastic ocean views south to the Bay Of Islands, the track follows a high cliff line then winds up the side of the historic Pa site to the summit providing breath taking views across the ocean and down onto Rangihoua Beach where the mission station was located.

Marsden Cross Track

The second walk is the Marsden Cross Track which descends down the hillside just past the memorial house and follows the valley below, there are signs located along the track providing information about the residents of the mission station.

Towards the end of the Marsden Cross Track there are several historic remains visible from the mission station, an old ships anchor is located off a side track just before the Rangihoua beach and at the end of the track there are teraces visable from the mission station and the historic Marsden Cross looking out over the ocean.

The Rangihoua Heritage Park is great place for all the family, the tracks are rated as easy both the Rangihoua Pa track and the Marsden Cross Track will take around 40 minutes each return, there are fantastic ocean views and a beautiful sandy beach for lunch and a swim.  

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