Matapouri Bush Track, Tane Moana

Walk To Tane Moana

The Matapouri Bush Track is a scenic bush walk from Waiotoi Road just out from Ngunguru on New Zealand's East Coast through to Clements Road at Matapouri, the track follows the logging roads through a pine forest and native bush.

From Waiotoi Road carpark there is a very short walk through bush and over a style onto private land it can be confusing here where to walk, just follow the orange markers until you cross over a second style.

Tane MoanaThe track now follows the fence line and farmland up a hillside before arriving at the logging road at the top, there are a few steep descents and accents as the road follows the contours this first section is through pine forest.

Around 20 minutes into the walk the pine is replaced with beautiful native bush, Kauri trees as well as Rimu are present along the track and around one hour later you will arrive at Tane Moana. 

Tane Moana is the largest remaining Kauri on the Tutukaka Coast and the largest in the Northland Region, this giant Kauri tree is around 11 meters in circumference and towers above a purpose built boardwalk that surrounds the base of the tree, this boardwalk is there to protect the Kauri roots from Kauri dieback that is threatening the giants all over New Zealand.

The Kauri trees were prolific around the Northland Region but were harvested to just about extinction during the early days of New Zealand mainly used as timber to build ships and homes for the early settlers.

From Tane Moana the track descends down the hillside for around 15 minutes and the forest road ends before entering a mix of pine plantation and native bush the track here is not maintained and parts of the track are over grown with bush.

This walk is rated as easy to moderate with a few descents and accents, a large part of the track is on logging roads and suitable in most conditions, the walk to Tane Moana takes around one hour from Waiotoi Road, and around 3 hours to Clements Road, if you just want to view the giant Kauri then walk in from Waiotoi rd as this is a shorter walk to the Kauri tree. 

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