Paparoa Bush Walkway

Paparoa Lions Walkway

This short but scenic bush walk is located on SH12 at the small town of Paparoa close to the shores of the Kaipara Harbour in Northland, the walk is through regenerating native bush with Kauri and other native trees dotted along the walkway.

From the carpark in the town centre the walk is along open farmland and follows a small estuary for around 10 minutes before crossing the estuary and onto the base of an old Maori Pa site from here the walk is through native trees with a mix of Kauri and other native species.

The track snakes up the hillside at an easy gradient for around 15 minutes before hitting the summit, here there are numerous remains from the old Maori Pa site that was occupied around 250 yrs ago.

There are dozens of Kumara pits dotted through out the site covering some 400 sqm, historians were unable to identify which tribe was occupying the PA site at the time most of the pits are clearly seen although they are now covered in regenerating native trees.

The Kumara pits are located at the very top of the hillside and back 250 yrs ago this steep hillside would of provided security to the inhabitants from advancing tribes, the river below would of provided food and water for the Pa site.

From the pa site at the summit of the hill you can return to the estuary crossing via a loop walk that winds back down the hillside to Paparoa town or carry on through the native bush to Pahi Road which then takes you back to Paparoa, this walk is rated as easy and there are picnic tables along the farmland section near the estuary for lunch stops, the full walk is around 50 minutes return. 

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