Portland Track, Tokitoki Creek Wetland Walkway


Portland Estuary Walk

These two short walking tracks located in the small village of Portland on the shores of the Whangarei Harbor are often over looked as they are not used by tourists visiting the Northland region, the Portland track and the Tokitoki Creek Wetlands walkway are a bit off the beaten track.

Portland Track

The Portland Track is accessed from Wharf Road Portland there is limited parking here on the side of the road, the track entrance is on the left hand side a bit hard too see at first and follows a paper road hugging the estuary shoreline.

When the tide is in you will need to follow the track which is a mixture of metal road and grass track when the tide recedes you can walk on the sandy shoreline this walk is easy and there is little elevation change on the walk which will take around 40 minutes return the mangrove trees and calm waters make an interesting short walk. 

Tokitoki Creek Wetlands Walkway

Tokitoki creek wetlands walkway is located down Mcgill Road Portland this road is just on the other side of Wharf Road around 2 minutes from the Portland Track which makes a double header walking both tracks side by side.

The Tokitoki walkway starts at the rugby grounds where there is plenty of parking , the first section is along a well formed and maintained track through open farmland and follows the wetland for around 20 minutes.

Towards the end of the track is a loop walk through a small forest, but unfortunately this last section is closed until further notice this walk is rated as easy and will take around 40 minutes return to carpark. 

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