Tanekaha Walking Tracks

Puriri Track Tanekaha Walks

The Tanekaha walking tracks are located close to the popular seaside settlement of Mangawhai Heads about 1.5 hours north of Auckland city and 1 hours drive south of Whangarei in the Northland region.

The walking tracks are a combination of five separate tracks that make up several loop walks through out the forested area, the Tanekaha Walking Tracks are accessed from Kings Road just before Mangawhai Heads.

From the carpark on Kings Road Mangawhai the track follows a private road for a short distance before entering farmland and a short walk to a suspension bridge, that spans a small river will see you arrive at the Tahakahe Trail head.


Tanekaha Walking Tracks


Over the bridge there are two options both will take you on two separate loop walks that will cover all the walking tracks if desired in either direction, to the right is the Forest Track this track takes you to the Langs View Track with a steady climb to the summit.

There are two look outs on the Tanekaha Forest Track and the Langsview Track providing stunning views back to Mangawhai Heads and farm land below, around 20 minutes up the Forest Track is the deviation to the Botanical Track which loops around through dense native bush to Join the Falls Track.

The other option from the swing bridge is to follow the Falls Track, with an easy gradient that follows the stream bed most of the way you will arrive at the junction of the Puriri Track at around 35 minutes here you can keep following the Falls Track or take the Puriri Track which loops back onto the Falls Track above the waterfalls.

Following the falls Track the first waterfall takes around 40 minutes from the carpark and a great place to take a rest, up and over the first falls the second waterfall is a short walk up the track from the second drop the track starts to get steep.

The third waterfall is truly spectacular with a huge drop in three sections cascading down the rocky valley from high above the track, from the third waterfall the going gets tough with endless steps and a steep climb to get to the top of the falls.

Once you get over the waterfall the track levels out and you can rest the legs with a stunning view back down the drop, further up the Falls Track past the last waterfall the Puriri Track joins the Falls Track you can head back down here following the loop back to the Falls Track there is a lookout here with a stunning view of the last waterfall across the valley.

For the very fit you can walk to the end of the Falls Track at the summit of the Brynderywns where it joins the Langs View Track which loops back down the ridge line and onto the Forest Track and the return to the carpark this long loop will take around 4.5 hours to complete.

These Tracks are rated as moderate and you need a bit of fitness to walk all the tracks in one day, the surface is mostly clay which is good in most conditions but will be very slippery in adverse conditions, there is a great mix of native bush, waterfalls, steep ascents and descents through out these fantastic walking tracks. 

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