Waipu Coastal Walkway

Waipu Beach

Waipu Cove is a small settlement at the Southern end of the beautiful Bream Bay a popular beach during the summer months in the Northland region, the town was started when five ship loads of settlers arrived there in the 1850s.

The settlers were all from Scotland and many of the population today are descendants of these early settlers, the highlight of the towns calendar is the annual highlands games which are held in the new year at Waipu.

The Waipu Coastal Walkway is a great attraction in the area and there are two starting points for the walkway, the first is at the southern end of Waipu Cove just past the Waipu Cove campground there is a small stream here that needs crossing and the track starts on the opposite bank and heads up over the hillside.

The other end of the track and the second starting point is at Langs Beach a short drive over the headland, there is a small sign on the roadside indicating the start of the Waipu Coastal Walkway, either way you will need to return the same way at the tracks end as this walk is not a loop walk.

As the name impies this walkway follows the coastline from Waipu Cove through to Langs Beach, the views out across the ocean are fantastic with Great Barrier Island and Little Barrier Island directly in front of you.

To the North of the Waipu Coastal Walkway the Hen And Chicken Islands can be seen on a fine day as can Taranga Island and the beautiful Mokohinau Islands can be viewed in the far distance.

This fantastic coastal walkway will take around 45 minutes one way, the track is not maintained and the base is dirt and clay, this is fine in the dry but when there has been significant rainfall the track will be slippery, there are sections where you can descend down to sea level with great beaches and rock formations to view, the walk is easy to moderate. 

andrew bergersen whangareiAuthor Andrew Bergersen Website www.hikingtrails.co.nz Contact info@hikingtrails.co.nz Growing up in West Auckland we had the wild west coast beaches to explore and this passion for the great outdoors started me exploring the north island and later on the South Island of New Zealand.