Bridal Veil Falls Waikato

 bridal veil falls raglan

The Waikato Region of New Zealand has many hidden treasures that are located way of the beaten track and the Bridal Veil Falls are one of them, located around 28 kms south of the popular surfing meca of Raglan the drive through the stunning Waikato country side is well worth the effort.

The road to the falls are sign posted on the main hwy out to Raglan and the access road is sealed all the way to the carpark, from the carpark it is an easy stroll along the stream to the first look out along a wide graveled access path suitable for everyone in most conditions.

The first look out is located directly over the drop and is not for people scared of heights as the timber platform overhangs the cliff edge with a 55 meter vertical drop to the base of the water fall you can feel the wind gusts sweeping up the water fall vertically and provides a stunning view down the face of the Bridal Veil Falls.

From the first look out the track starts a long decent down the side of the cliff and a short distance down there is an other stunning view of the falls this time you are viewing the falls side on and get an idea of the scope of the drop which is impressive.

There are over 300 steps on the decent down the falls track some of these steps are fairly steep and require a good hold on the handrail in wet conditions as the steps can be slippery at times you can hear the ever present roar of the falling water as it plunges down the drop to the pool below.

Once down to the base of the falls you can take a rest on the built in seats and shelter that provide a stunning view back up the water fall and out over the huge cavern that the falls have carved out of the bed rock you can fell the suction that the falling water creates in the basin of the pool and you will get wet if you stay in one place to long from the falling mist.

The walk to the base of the water fall is moderate and suitable for most family members and will take around twenty minutes, you will need to allow around thirty five minutes for the return journey as the timber steps will take there toll on your legs, the track is suitable in most weather conditions but lower section will be slippery in the rain the falls are a plunge water fall with a vertical drop of 55 meters. 


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