Taheke Waterfalls Track Whangarei Northland

Taheke Waterfall Northland

The Taheke Waterfall Track is located in Northland New Zealand and some fourteen kms from the Whangarei CBD, and as the name implies the track leads out to the Taheke Waterfall the track access is on Hoban Road, there is a carpark located near the end of the road then a short walk along a private road to the start of the track.

A short walk along the private road and following the orange Department of Conservation arrows the track dips down to a concrete crossing over the Taheke River, the bridge over the river is private property so do not cross the bridge and take care when there has been heavy rain as the crossing can be slippery and covered in water.

A short walk of 300 metres on a well graded and maintained track there is a deviation to the right this will take you out to the lookout that is perched over a big cliff located at the very top of Taheke Waterfall, here you get a great view down into the valley below and a veiw of the first small drop of the Taheke Waterfall.

There was once a track leading down the side of the very steep valley to the base of the falls however this track has since been destroyed by a landslide and is now inaccessible to anyone, a short distance along the main walking track there is a junction in the track.

From this junction the Taheke Loop walk starts and to the right and over a small bridge there are several steep accents up formed steps the track then follows the ridge line for a distance with fantastic views through the trees and down into the valley below, the trees here are mostly regenerating Kauri with the odd mature Kauri tree showing up, the track then loops back to the junction over the bridge.

The track length is around three kms and is a moderate walk the surface is well maintained but can be slippery in adverse wheather conditions there are a few steep step sections to contend with and the walk is through predomitly regenerating Kauri and various other native trees allow around two hours return for the Taheke Waterfall Track, the falls are Northland's highest at 46 metres are are a segmented type of waterfall.

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