Whangarei Falls Otuihau Northland

Whangarei Falls New Zealand

The Whangarei Falls as the name implies is located in the city of Whangarei in the Northland region of New Zealand, the great attraction with this particular water fall is the proximity to the city center, the water falls are a popular destination so close to the city and incorporate two walking tracks.

The area around the falls are a public domain and were once a popular fishing spot for local Maori and in the 1920s the area was purchased by Archibald Clapham to prevent the water fall from development as a commercial watermill, and in 1946 the property was sold to the local business mens association and become the public domain it is today.

There are two loop walks available the first and shortest walk is the Otuihau Whangarei Falls loop, crossing the concrete bridge over the top of the falls, if the river is in flood this section will be closed as the bridge is just above the water level the walk skirts around the waterfall to a look out providing an elevated and side on view of the falls.

The track then decends down into the valley below along a well formed and maintained path to a bridge that spans over the river from the bridge you get a fantastic view of the falls and the river below, further on the path leads you to the base of the falls where you can explore or have a picnic by the pool below the Whangarei Falls, the loop walk then returns to the carpark.

The second and much longer loop walk follows the Hatea River and starts at the bridge, the walk follows the river to the AH Reed Memorial Park through the park to Clapham Road then Sands Road and returns to the carpark along Ngunguru Road with a distance of around 5kms, both loop walks are well maintained and suitable for all the family.

This is a great place to spend the entire day and is popular during the warmer months in summer as the domain provides a great place to picnic with plenty of open space through out the area and the assiciated loop walks provide a great opportunity to get out and about.

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